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Why add stretches to you massage session?

While on the massage table, we can add stretches to more effectively help you hurt less. The most common areas of aches and pains include, sciatica, pelvic and lower back pain. You will notice an improvement as soon as you get off the table!

To experience the difference of assisted stretches with your massage,
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December's Promotions

New: Prenatal Sessions with Stretches

Massage room

In Tranquility Prenatal 40/20

60 min $90

40 minute massage

 20 min stretches 

Enjoy our popular In Tranquility session with 20 minutes of assisted stretches to decrease pain and increase flexibility

Massage Room

Celebrity Prenatal 70/20

90 Mins $129

70 minute massage
20 minute stretches

Enjoy our popular Celebrity session with 20 minutes of assisted stretches to decrease pain and increase flexibility

Massage Table

Regular Full body massage 40/20

60 min $70

40 minute massage
20 minute stretches

Enjoy our popular 60 minute session with a with 20 minutes of assisted stretches to relieve pain and increase flexibility


Inhale Positivity, Exhale Negativity

Cypress Pregnancy Massage is the only clinic in Cypress that specializes in massage therapy for expectant and new mothers. If you are looking for pregnancy pain relief support, you are in the right place

Head Massage

What are the benefits of massage when you’re trying to get pregnant?

The main benefit of massage when you’re trying to conceive is that it can lift away some of the stress that can kill the baby-making mood. Some research has found that women who are more stressed during ovulation may be less likely to conceive than women who are less stressed (or not at all) when they're ovulating. For best results, monthly massages are recommended.


Our Core Values

Simple, Safe and Sound. Find a sense of belonging in a space of tranquility and relaxation. Where no session is ever long enough, where you rest, recover and disconnect. We are here for YOUR physical, emotional and mental support ,when it really counts.


To you and each other




With clients and staff


Within our community

Pregnant belly

How often should an expectant mother get a massage?

 ● 1st/2nd Trimester - once every 4 weeks up to week 27

● 3rd Trimester - every other week up to week 36

● And weekly from week 36 on until you give birth. Many of our clients come every other week or every week for the whole pregnancy.

What about a new mom (postpartum)?

Postpartum massage can be given 24 hours after delivery if there are no complications. This helps relieve the strains related to labor, nursing and/or possibly surgery. Which is why a house call is the best alternative to help your body heal and adjust.

● Come back within the first 10 days of giving birth. (Postpartum bleeding and leaking breast milk is not a problem.)

● Then: every other week at least for the first 16 weeks postpartum.

● We promise it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Why? Because women rarely prioritize self-care.

● Schedule motherhood around your massage appointments and you will be a better, happier mother.


How to find us

We are in the brown and beige one story buildings that look 'brand new or abandoned', behind the overgrown grass field at the intersection of Fry and Logenbaugh Road

Cypress Crossing Office Condos

8118 Fry Road Suite 401

Cypress,TX 77433

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Stones on Foot

Introductory Prenatal Massage 

30 Minutes $65

Curious about prenatal massage? This 30 minutes session is designed to introduce the massage touch (with/without hot stones) on a specific area when you have limited time but need relief. Session will take place face up or down.


Basic Service Menu



60 minutes $129

This prenatal massage session is best for first timers in any trimester. We start face up and turn over half way through the massage and end with a sugar foot scrub.

Face Massage
prone position prego.jpg


90 Minute prenatal $159

This sessions allows extra time to focus on recurrent issues. It allow more time to relax and get a nap in.


60 Minutes $150

Labor induction massage to naturally promote contraction by working on pressure points with essential oils.

Newborn Baby with Mom


60 Minutes $99

 Postpartum session to help reduce pain, regulate hormones, decrease swelling and depression and improve sleep and breast feeding.

Head Massage


60 Minutes $225

Full body massage for the mom-to-be and companion. Session include hot stone and sugar foot scrub for both.


60 Minute $129

Give the gift of massage to your favorite mother-to-be


Regular Massages

Full body Massage

60 Minutes $90

Swedish and Therapeutic full body massage with sugar foot scrub

Pressure Point Massage

Full body massage 90

90 Minutes $110

Comprehensive full body massage with sugar foot scrub.

Couples Massage

60 Minutes $195

Full body couples massage with sugar foot scrub and hot stone.

Face Massage

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”

Reiki Treatment

55 Minutes $80

Reiki Treatment

A massage a month keeps the doctor away! Sign up for monthly massages.

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Meet Beatriz

I know a secret to a Happier pregnancy

Hi. I'm Beatriz Ogarek, Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Cypress Pregnancy Massage. As a licensed prenatal massage specialist and a mother of 2, I understand how critical it is to find support during these eventful 9 months. Whether you are suffering from, Hip Pain, Back discomfort, Sciatic nerve pain, Frequent leg cramp, Swelling in the feet, or tension in neck and shoulders, I am here to make your journey easier, and that's a promise.



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Meet Haelie

Licensed Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is Haelie Cobb I have been a certified massage therapist for 10 years focusing on medical massage and rehabilitation, including prenatal, postnatal, and infant massage. I am very passionate about helping people heal with my massage techniques. Pregnancy is a special journey and I'd like to be part of it to help ease the pain and discomfort.

beth hammer pic.jpg

Meet Beth

Reiki Practitioner

Hello, my name is Beth Hammer and I am a Reiki practitioner and Access Bars® practitioner. Reiki is a safe, gentle, yet surprisingly powerful healing technique that helps the body create balance. The Bars® are 32 unique points on the head that when gently touched can help us release thoughts that are stopping us from feeling joy and peace in our lives.

  Pregnancy is a time of transition and change. Both Reiki and Bars sessions can assist the body during these changes and help prepare for birth and recovery.

Email me for a complimentary 10 minute session.


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